Thursday, February 24, 2011

Raising Confident Kids

Confidence comes to us through experience and feeling good in our own body- Experience comes about by doing things for our self. If your child asks you to do something you know they have the ability to do by them self, step back and insist they do it. Your children will acquire the experience and will truly be excited once you start to jump up and down shouting to the world how great they have done. Children observe the messages that are played out through their family's beliefs about size, shape, weight and self esteem. Parents can often be alerted to problem signs of low self esteem in their children when their child mentions a falling out with another child at school. Young children will often act aggressively when things don't go their way - they lash out, bite, kick, hit and punch. This is because children learn through observation, there is a close connection between childhood obesity and self esteem issues. Please look here for more information.

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