Sunday, March 20, 2011

Self-Esteem Gain for Overweight Children

What we do everyday in the Martial Arts! And why MA is the perfect vehicle for an overweight child.

1. The martial arts will get them in shape.

2. It will change how they feel about who they are.

3. It will teach them how to project themselves to others.

I can remember growing up in The Bronx. At the time, we lived in the projects on Castle Hill Ave. All during the week, Monday through Friday, I would rush home from school making sure I was in the house by 4:00pm to watch Superman, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and yes, Perry White (Great Cesar's Ghost!).

I didn't miss an episode. Even today, I collect digital comic book covers and some Superman memorabilia. Saturday mornings, it was Superman cartoons; that was the routine at our house. Sunday's however, was different. If you remember, there were no cartoons on Sundays. We would have to wake up early and get dressed for church. Mom would give us all a quarter for the church basket and send us off. I was the oldest, so I was in charge of my younger brother and four sisters. The church was across the street, St. John Vianney. I remember sitting in the pew, praying every Sunday, for God to grant me the powers of Superman. I promised him “God” I would do good and help people all over the world. This was the prayer each and every Sunday for many years. After Church, we would then go to my Grandparents to eat with the rest of the thirty or so other family members, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. I can look back now I find it funny, because I go to work everyday, and I put on a uniform that empowers me to be the best I can be every time I wear it and in front of anyone I teach; whether it's a child or an adult, male or female; it doesn't make a difference. Astronaut or C.E.O. of a major fortune 500 company, it's a magical feeling to be empowered by putting on a uniform. Superman can fly. Never did I ever make a conscious decision to become a pilot because Superman can fly, and I wanted to be like Superman. However, I am a pilot, and I do fly. Superman can see far. As I approach my older years, my eye sight starting declining, I went and had Lasik surgery. When your sight starts to fade, due to old age, and you can't see well, getting your sight back makes you feel empowered. Superman can bend steel with his bare hands. I can punch through three half inch pieces of wood stacked on each other. So when anyone asks, what is a Black Belt? I smile to myself and know it is me and everyone else that puts on that martial arts uniform.

P.S. Oh, and be careful of what you pray for.

Master Ron Tramontano

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