Saturday, April 2, 2011

Martial Arts Businesses Tip-The End of Month Reality Math

The whole point of the end of month reality math is to refocus yourself and/or your team. Normally when people are short on sales, they begin to focus only on making the sale itself, rather than the things that makes sales happen. That’s where pressure selling tends to show its ugly face.

Instead, you can change this mentality by focusing on the number of appointments/intros needed to hit your sales goal, instead of the sales themselves. Think about it, you can actually get away with a lot more when it comes to asking people to try an intro vs. asking people to sign up for lessons. Rebuttals are much easier to overcome when they are in the arena of someone saying they don’t have time, or they can’t make it today, or maybe in a few weeks because they don’t feel well etc etc. You and your team will naturally overcome these kinds of rebuttals better than ones like “but your lessons are too expensive for me”.

So instead of increasing the pressure to sign up in your intros, just play the numbers game by focusing on increasing how many intros you get to do before the end of month, it will work itself out as long as you perform enough intro lessons.

Good luck,

Jon Malach

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