Monday, July 11, 2011

How Does The Entrepreneurial World of Seal Team 1‘s, Stack Up To The United States Navy’s, Seal Team 1

Seal Team 1, Wow! the best of the best. For many people in America and around the world this is the flash that produces the thoughts and pictures in the minds of all of us as those words are spoken, and rightly so. They are the best, at what they choose to do. A team of men and women so finely tuned that a comparison can only produce one and only one thought and that is of the finest of Swiss Time Pieces. So finely created that its workings are without question as to pre session and accuracy. Seal Teams train and execute missions much like this watch. Never missing a beat. A question arises however, Seal Team member, outside of his or her team, what do they aspires to? As an individual they are successful men and women that have acquired skills. Ask yourself this question. What is the difference between Ability and Skill? Ability is what we are born with and is given to us by God. Skill is what we have acquired through training and experience. What is experience? Trial and error...mostly error, bad chooses we hopefully learn from. There has never been nor will there ever be a Seal Team member or Team born with “ability only” that can do what Seal Team 1 has accomplished. Be dropped into Pakistan and take out Osama Bin Ladin. Individual Seal Team member training, and teamwork, are only but two of a three part quest for the making of a Seal Team 1 capable unit. The third part, is experience, and that is a killer. The Seals, of Seal Team 1 have had to do a mission or missions like this before to acquire the experience to qualify for the first team. If you were a member of any of the other teams and failed, there is a good chance you’re dead. If you’re in Entrepreneurial World you’re probably broke, out of business and would like to be dead. Okay, you have passed the test and by trail and error you have been found worthy of your new position. SEAL Team 1... STOP! I forgot to tell you one more thing you have to know.

Do you remember that Swiss Time Piece we where talking about? The one that can run one hundred years without missing a beat. Why do you think it can do that? I will tell you why. Because it knows it’s a Swiss Time Piece and it has Purpose, Integrity and Honor, made by a team of people with the same values. I see it this way. While the sum of the parts are enclosed in that solid gold watch case it will do its job and never let its team members that are also enclosed in that solid gold case down. For many of us that solid gold case may be an office or a basket ball court or a football field. For a Seal Team 1 member it’s the world stage. We can never forget the reasons we do the things we do. That’s what gets us home at the end of the day. When you walk through that door and hold the people you love in your arms, does it really matter how you got there? Or just that you’re there. At night, lie that solid gold watch on your night stands, and get into bed. Slide up to your world and hold them in your arm as you smile knowing the world your world is safer and better then it was yesterday.

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