Monday, July 11, 2011

No Death Sentence/Life W/O Parole on circumstantial evidence

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Case in point, Casey Anthony, you do not try to give a person a death sentence, or life in prison “Without Parole” only on circumstantial evidence. Justification for this kind of sentencing can only be made with hard factual evidence. Governor, Senators and Speaker, every day we read in the newspapers someone is getting out of prison because of new DNA evidence being found, or a new DNA test has been invented. Well, where is the balance for people who have been convicted on circumstantial evidence? When no physical evidence exist in a case it becomes impossible to prove your innocence. Today, it would seem one rule covers all events that fall into a specific category...such as crimes that fall under "capital felony". It needs to be changed by people who refuse to give the rule of law to another RULE... instead of giving it to a thinking person. Legislation I would like you to consider. I would ask that legislation be crafted that would not allow a person convicted on circumstantial evidence to receive a life term without parole. Please make this retroactive for all persons now being held in Florida jails. Have all persons that fall into this category go in front of a parole board for a review. If they have served an amount of time the board feels is just, and they have not been getting in any trouble while incarcerated, what would be the harm in giving them their life back? It would also save Florida some money and relieve the overcrowding in our prisons. Ron Tramontano

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