Friday, May 20, 2011

Is actress Angelina Jolie a martial arts aficionado?

Is actress Angelina Jolie a martial arts aficionado? Not sure. But she sure did have something quite smart to say recently about the martial arts and how they can help normally aggressive boys. "A lot of people who study martial arts know that if you have children who have any kind of aggression one of the best things to do is certainly not to ignore it, but to actually put that child into a martial arts class so they understand their own body, to learn discipline., to learn their own strength and then to harness it," Jolie told EW. "My boys wrestle all the time," she adds. "They're two boys, but they've been in martial arts classes for a while together and now they bow to each other, they know when to hit the mat [i.e. when they want to quit], they know when to stop wrestling. They have respect. But they're boys -- without that they're going to want to wrestle, to try things and test themselves. It's a primal thing. But to keep it in an organized way where it shows respect and discipline is fantastic." Get Your Child Started ...