Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank you for the kind words. My business, "West Boca Karate", established in 1986, in the Shoppes of Loggers Run, keeps me busy. With over 500 Black Belts and thousands of loyal and happy customers, (over our 26 years span) I am now able do things in our community like helping to get Alan West elected was very important to me. I would like to say, Linda, my wife, and I both enjoy listening to you each morning. I heard you and Jim speaking about Iran and would like to weigh in. Sanctions against Iran are nothing more than a tool they will use against us at a later date. They also have a tendency to hurt the people of the country and make them mad. Change can only take place in this country in two ways, as I see it. 1. Change needs to come from within. The people of Iran have to say they have had enough. Methods like social media can work, however will take longer and can be interfered with by the government of Iran. 2. More effective and I feel will be much faster, would be to get to the Iranian citizens that exist behind the scenes/shadows, the ones that have the ears and power that control the Iranian government. I would venture to say that the CIA knows exactly who these people are and where they live. More than likely, many of them live in the USA and some countries we are friendly with. Force these people to move back to their country, Iran, and uproot their entire lives. Brian, the opposite of Love is not hate, it's indifference. When you dismiss a persons existence or a countries existence, for that matter, that is effective pain. Change will come much quicker when the right people can feel the loss.

Thank you again