Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear Educators and To Busy To Pay Attention Parents:

Has anyone expressed a concern as to the “Reading Comprehension Tests “  being  given to our children in grades 3 – 7?  I became aware of the concern when my daughter read to me a story my grandson had to read as part of a reading comprehension test. The story was titled, “Sunday Blues”. I found it odd how negative the story became as she read it to me. Then, my daughter read to me the questions my grandson was required to answer as part of his understanding of what he just read. The multiple choices answers became even more negative than the story.  With each story read to me by my daughter over the course of a couple of days the stories became even more negative. My grandson was getting low scores from his teacher on his test and was told he did not understand what he was reading. My grandson is and always has been a straight “A” student.  I started to hear the concern in my daughter’s voice as we spoke each morning. This all came to a head when my granddaughter, also a straight “A’ student all of her life, (13 years old) received a 50% on a reading comprehension test.  Story line …mother sick, young child taking care of younger children, father works in Light House that gets hit by a tsunami  and now no one knows if he is died.  The multiple choice questions even worse.   I will jump right to the heart of this open letter.  It is my feeling that this is an attempt to attack the minds of our young to adapt a liberal passive mind set.  I see this as part of our governments continued efforts to weaken us from within and a very poor attempt to disguise it all under the premises of teaching empathy, passion and mercy.  I see this as only an attack on our young and I know, if you as a parent, learned of some one that was trying to hurt your child physically now or in the future, you would not just stand by and watch.  I have all intentions of sending this letter to the Florida State Senate, , etc. Our children and grandchildren are experiencing subliminal attacks daily by negative reading material. I watched the Common Core Video and witness teachers being fed tactics, instead of real ideas, on how to come together and teach. Teachers asked to describe and give a word that would represent a title for an obvious Common Core protocol and when they got it right, the Common Core officiator would say “see how that makes sense”.  When they got it wrong, that’s okay, you’re on the same wavelength as the creators of the Common Core Program. This is unacceptable by any standard.  

Martial Arts Master Ron Tramontano

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